Bikang performs Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon"
Featured voices: Self, Jubbs, Mapoo, Tony
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Bikang performs Bikang for Africa's "We Are The World"
Featured voices: Self, Mapoo, Tony, Jubbs, Quai, Zeb, "Universal Audience" and a non-appearance by Mandolin Srinivas
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Bikang performs Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". Roger Waters can write lyrics but nobody ever said that Shakey can't interpret them. Recorded in true stereo through the good offices of Self and Shengar.
Featured voices: Shakey, Jubbs
Guitars: Self, Jubbs
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Bikang in Cuptrophy 2004 - The premier Terrace Cricket event in India. "Win or lose, we will booze"
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Quai performs one of many f-songs
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Jude explains "The American Accent", his approach to music, performs the underground hit "Standin' Round The Corner", and finishes by thanking Self
Programming: Jubbs & Self
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Sameer, the One True Jude, provides a sick twist on Dylan Thomas' "Shrill Girls", tears it up with the multilingual "Mama Mama" with an explanation squeezed in and winds it up with a spectacular solo rendition of the underground hit "Standin' Round the Corner". It has been conjectured by Bikang that the One True Jude might in fact be the original author of this spectacular song.
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Overcome with emotion, Self decides to perform his own interpretation of the underground hit "Standin' Round The Corner", but is rudely interrupted by a phone call.
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Kishore had long hair. And then he didn't. Andy feels he's a good lad, but Self preferred him when he had long hair. There's a video somewhere, but nobody knows where. The real question is, did Mapoo's cell phone suck?
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If you're playing cricket, remember one thing: Get that front foot moving!
Programming: Jubbs & Self
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When you have rules, you put up a sign. This sign is easily understood, albeit at a loss of the seriousness that the place requires.
Photo: Gopi
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We all know Indians can be pretty devastating with the English language. But we don't hold a candle to the Chinese. They have taken the mangling of our medium of instruction to profoundly new depths. Read, weep and let me know if any of it makes sense to you.
Photo: CleSu
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Fight Club was a fun movie. But it was just a movie. There are no people in the world who can last through those fights. These Americans are nothing if not scientific, so they had to test this theory and come up with a home grown version. Unfortunately, it didn't grow much.
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